New Development Agitator

New Development Agitator

FFM (Full Fine Mixing) Agitator

The FFM agitators have been developed as multi-purpose agitating machines that operate in a wide range of viscosity, from low to high levels, for liquid-liquid, liquid-vapor, and liquid-solid conditions.


  • Available in broad areas of viscosity, from low to high (up to 300,000 to 500,000 mPa).
  • A single blade serves multiple purposes while balancing two major agitation actions: circulation and shearing.
  • Mixing and dissolution times can be reduced as compared with conventional agitating blades. (For example, resin dissolution completes in two-thirds the time it takes with an existing machine.)
  • The unique shape and arrangement of blades are best suited also for agitation with specific gravity difference and viscosity difference.
  • Superior cost performance to large blades from other companies.
  • Dissolution and mixing of rubber, resin, paint, ink, etc.
  • Mixing of high-concentration slurry
  • Mixing of low-liquidity fluids
  • Agitation of high sedimentary liquid-solid system
  • Liquid-liquid system: Mixing, reaction, emulsification, dispersion, etc.
  •  Liquid-solid system: Dissolution, reaction, suspension, dispersion, etc.
  • Liquid-vapor system: Mixing, reaction, dispersion, etc.

Available for your use are 50-L and 150-L test machines. Please feel free to contact our sales staff.

FLM (Full Level Mixing) Agitator

Developed to maintain satisfactory agitation conditions at all liquid levels, from full to low levels.

  • The minimum liquid level available for agitation corresponds to 1/10th to 1/20th of full level.
  • No need to install a baffle in the agitating tank.
  • The flow form in the tank is primarily vertical circulation flow, which is effective for agitation.
  • Almost no entrapment of air bubbles.
  • Absence of speed reducers means low noise and cost.

FLM agitators come in two types: FLM-prop for small capacities (approx. 200 L or lower) and FLM-turbo for large capacities.

  • Ideal for liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixing and dissolution, for chemical solutions, medical drugs, lotions, perfumes, dyes, etc.
  • For tanks incapable of installing a baffle.
  • For fluids that should not entrap air bubbles.
  • Strict noise regulation precludes use of a speed reducer.

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